Scouts Challenge 2018

Leicester SW Programme Challenge 2018

Winter Challenges – iLearn
Complete 5 of the following during January – March 2018
– Complete a new Activity Badge
– Take part in a camp fire cook-off
– Create a poster detailing a comet or a Mars mission
– Make and race brush bots
– Learn the safe use of knives and the laws governing them
– Make contact with an overseas Scout Troop
– Find out what it means to be on the one way trip to Mars
– Try Pilates or Yoga
– Create a water filter using sand, charcoal and grass in an outdoor environment
– Take part in an international trip or project

Spring Challenges – iDiscover
Complete 5 of the following during April – June 2018
– Prepare a route plan and take part in a dawn hike
– Use the internet to research and create a poster on the culture, people etc of an African country
– Take part in a little tent festival
– Take part in a Caving or Climbing Trip outside of our county
– Take part in a water activity
– Create a Tornado
– Learn about fitness and try a Martial Arts session
– Research the issue of children sleeping rough and how they can be helped
– Run an evening with Explorers
– Turn your smart phone into a 3D hologram projector
– Take part in a new type of shooting activity

Summer Challenges – iCreate
Complete 5 of the following during July – September 2018
– Design and build a motor powered plane
– Run a ‘(Robert) Burns Night’
– Create a Story Board and act in a short play
– Create a land art sculpture
– Design and produce a chocolate bar
– With the rest of your Scout Group use social media to show what you do
– Create a volcano
– Complete a pioneering project so that all of the patrol are at least 1metre of the ground

Autumn Challenges – iImpact
Complete 5 of the following during October – December 2018. Do something that makes the physical world around you a better place
– Do something to make the physical world about you a better place
– Take part in a Community Action Project
– Raise Money for a charity of your choice
– Participate in a Youth Consultation
– Show support for the work of a local hospice
– Make and share a video on an endangered species
– Research and create a poster against bullying on social media
– Create a photo diary of how you are helping to reduce global warming

Good luck !