Explorer Challenge 2018

Leicester SW Programme Challenge 2018

Winter Challenges – iLearn
Complete 5 of the following during January – March 2018
– Complete a new Activity Badge
– Learn about / role play the symptoms and treatment of heat exhaustion and hypothermia
– Produce a Scout alcohol policy
– Research and make an anti ivory video depicting the plight of elephants and rhino’s in the world
– Practice night navigation in wild country
– Learn and perform a river crossing
– Research a suitable topic and run a debate
– Take part in an international trip or project
– Plan and attend a ‘sub-zero’ camp / activity
Spring Challenges – iDiscover
Complete 5 of the following during April – June 2018
– Take part in a caving or climbing trip out of our county
– Make and race soda / vinegar powered boats
– Take part in a new water activity
– Plan and take part in a hike in wild country
– Camp for 2 nights in wild country
– Take part in an air activity
– Complete the Street Sports Activity Badge
– Take part in one of the following:
– Canyoning
– Gorge walking
– High level hiking
Summer Challenges – iCreate
Complete 5 of the following during July – September 2018
– Build and sail a Cardboard Canoe
– Story board and act in a short play
– Create a mosaic using urban land art textures
– Create a relevant and eye catching adult recruitment document for use within the District
– Use the internet to research and create a video on the culture, people etc of an African country
– Pitch a Patrol Tent on top of a pioneering project at least 2metres from the ground
– Create and cook a meal on a Swedish Stove
– Create a Website or App to promote Explorers Scouts
Autumn Challenges – iImpact
Complete 5 of the following during October – December 2018. Do something that makes the physical world around you a better place
– Undertake a Community Action Project
– Raise money for a charity of your choice
– Participate in a Youth Consultation
– Show support for the work of a local hospice
– Arrange a casualty simulation incident for a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop
– Help someone at a care home create a memory box if they would like to
– Prepare and run an Inclusion Project within the District
– Research and report on the importance of mental well being in today’s society
– Research and report on the issues around illegal drug selling via Instagram, Facebook etc
– Run a Beaver Colony, Cub Pack or Scout Troop for two weeks

Good luck !