Cub Challenge 2018

Leicester SW Programme Challenge 2018

Winter Challenges – iLearn
Complete 5 of the following during January – March 2018
– Complete a new Activity Badge
– Make a case file for an insect of your choice
– Using the NATWEST Cub Activity Pack find out how money works
– Create a poster on an endangered species
– Make and race brush bots
– Create and crack secret codes
– Prepare and take part in a glow in the dark tracking course
– Make a cats eye with a tin can
– Take part in a martial arts fitness session
Spring Challenges – iDiscover
Complete 5 of the following during April – June 2018
– Take part in a Dawn Hike
– Learn how to maintain your bike and complete a bike log for 4 weeks
– Take part in a little tent festival
– Take part in a District / County activity or trip
– Attend a Cub Fun Day
– Take part in a water activity
– Create a Tornado
– Learn about fire safety and escape routes
– Run an evening with the Scouts
– Using the ‘Let’s Go Wild’ Cub Activity Pack complete the Naturalist Badge
– Take part in a new type of shooting activity
Summer Challenges – iCreate
Complete 5 of the following during July – September 2018
– Create a wild life hotel / haven
– Make a mushroom spore picture or collage
– Make a Story Board and put on a short play
– Create a land art picture
– Design and produce a chocolate bar
– Design a railway safety poster
– Create a cardboard box city
– Make a Cartesian diver
– Make a wish doll scene and explain what it means
– Put on a musical show for parents and friends
– With the rest of your Scout Group use social media to show what you do
Autumn Challenges – iImpact
Complete 5 of the following during October – December 2018. Do something that makes the physical world around you a better place
– Do something to make the physical world about you a better place
– Take part in a Community Action Project
– Raise money for a charity of your choice
– Participate in a Youth Consultation
– Understand what a food bank is and how you can support one
– Help elderly people to stay warm
– Look at protecting canals and if possible undertake a project with a canal trust or similar
– Support an International Aid Charity such as Aquabox

Good luck !